Compass Rose Events designs and delivers hundreds of safe and successful turnkey corporate events all across the country every year. Critical to the success of any large-scale event is the talent, wisdom and experience of numerous people. We consider our dedicated, determined and committed staff to be our greatest asset and truly what sets us apart from any other event provider.

Senior Leadership

Brian Long


Project Managers + Customer Support

Eric Derevjanik

Project Associate

Ron Drews

Project Manager

Mackenzie Smith

Project Associate

Jessica Potash

Project Manager

Alexandra Farmer

Regional Director

Brett Ernst

Regional Director

Stephanie Brooks

Senior Project Associate

Hilary Lorrain

Regional Director

Katy Burkholder

Senior Project Associate

Operations Team

Shelby Wheat

Staffing Coordinator

Kristine Newman

Warehouse Manager

Bradley Stocstill

Event Manager Coordinator

Tee Pillow

Event Coordinator

Elizabeth Strout

Event Coordinator

Danielle McMullin

VP of Operations

Administration Team

Isaac Coppens

Human Resources Manager

Laura Duteau

Contract Administration

Sarah Koriath

Director of Administration