Shelby Wheat

Staffing Coordinator

Shelby is a native of Bowling Green, KY, where her passion for event planning began as a child helping with her grandmother’s garden parties. With over 10 years of experience in event coordinating and management at local country clubs, Shelby was thrilled to become an Event Manager at CRE in 2020. The following year she won multiple awards as a Project Associate/Event Manager and is now an Event Staff Coordinator where she can share her excitement for event planning with those she recruits. 

In her free time, Shelby also serves s a manager of the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center, where she enjoys theater and community events. She loves to be at the lake with her dogs and hiking in local caves.


  1. Phone: 682 318 1443
  2. Mobile: 270 599 2418
  3. Connect: Linkedin