At Compass Rose Events, we know any opportunity to mark a company milestone is also an opportunity to make your company’s mark. As the nation’s largest corporate events provider, we have commemorated important moments for some of our nation’s largest corporations for over ten years. Our turnkey company milestone events have both a sense of history and a sense of fun, and they create positive memories and generate positive publicity. Our experienced, professional project managers and event managers go anywhere and do anything required to make the recognition of company milestones absolutely perfect. Why would you go anywhere else?

After all, Compass Rose Events takes care of everything. Your professional project manager can prepare your site, secure all necessary permits and insurances, design delicious menus, facilitate event promotion and registration, stage engaging and age-appropriate entertainment options, produce meaningful commemorative and promotional pieces and much more. When the big day arrives, your dedicated, detail-oriented event manager will be on-site to oversee the day’s logistics, staffing, events and cleanup. All you need to do is enjoy.

We know you only get one chance to celebrate your grand opening, big anniversary or new sales or safety record. You have to get it right. With our entire experienced staff standing behind you, you will.

Why should you choose a Compass Rose company milestone event?

We’re as excited by your achievement as you are, and we want to be a part of celebrating it. A Compass Rose company milestone celebration:

  • Promotes and rewards excellence, fosters employee loyalty and inspires employees to reach new heights
  • Introduces employee families to your company and each other, and encourage your employees to forge new connections in an enjoyable, relaxed way
  • Provides partners, vendors, investors and community leaders with a behind-the-scenes look at why your organization excels
  • Creates opportunities for positive coverage in local and national media
  • Entertains all age groups through a variety of events and entertainment options, from champagne toasts to fireworks displays
  • Serves your custom menu throughout the event so guests can dine without standing in long lines
  • Celebrates your company’s culture, safety record and more

How can Compass Rose Events customize your company milestone event?

Each one of our safe, successful celebrations of company milestones is custom-tailored to you. Compass Rose Events can:

  • Build your menu around delicious local specialties, from authentic southern BBQ to a Maine lobster bake
  • Design showstopping desserts or centerpieces featuring your company’s logo
  • Craft stunning visual displays illustrating the progress of a project, your company’s history or a significant achievement
  • Produce signage, gear and giveaways that showcase your company branding
  • Create entertainment options that promote your organizational achievements, like company trivia challenges or scavenger hunts
  • Commemorate the milestone with murals or time capsules created by your guests
  • Honor your company’s values by keeping your event logistics environmentally friendly
  • Capture your company milestone celebration in photos and video for internal or external marketing, guest mementos, scrapbooks or company archives

Call (866) 733-1101 to see how Compass Rose Events can design and deliver a turnkey company milestone event for you.