Tee Pillow

Event Coordinator

An adept Event Coordinator and Columbia State Community College alum, Tee seamlessly blends skills honed in purchasing, retail management, and security. With a keen eye for detail, he brings a unique blend of organizational prowess and creative finesse to every project.

Drawing from previous experience in purchasing and retail management, Tee excels in logistical coordination and client relations, ensuring events exceed expectations. His background in security underscores his commitment to safety and preparedness, ensuring seamless execution while prioritizing attendee well-being.

Tee embraces patience and tranquility—a skillset that echoes his approach to event planning: poised, adaptable, and always ready to navigate any waters. Off-duty, Tee finds tranquility in the art of fishing.


  1. Phone: 615 501 5122
  2. Mobile: 615 260 3118
  3. Connect: Linkedin