Scott Larson


Scott spearheads client services and sales for Compass Rose Events. With thirty-two years of industry experience, Scott knows large, corporate events better than anyone, serving the country’s most prominent corporate clients. Having begun his career with the nation’s largest provider of employee-relations events at the time, Scott has worked in all aspects of the business. Scott began as an intern, working his way up to Sr. Vice President before venturing out on his own and founding Compass Rose Events. Met with great success, he credits his imaginative and dedicated employees as the driving force behind the company’s growth, but all who know Scott understand it is his masterful leadership skills that have consistently delivered success for clients and the company.

Scott holds an undergraduate degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and was halfway through his Master’s program at Georgia State University when his wife became pregnant with daughter number one. Interested in raising their children in a small town, and positive environment, he resides in Maine with his wife and now two daughters. In his sporadic moments of free time he enjoys going on the occasional dog-sled, traveling, and boating the Maine coast.


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