Kristine Newman

Warehouse Manager

Kristine joined our team in 2019 with a passion for leadership and inventory management. Coming from a fast-paced A/V production house, she was prepared to learn fast and work hard. She advocates for high standards of equipment, training processes and team building. Though her responsibilities usually keep her firmly planted in our Nashville warehouse, she may occasionally be spotted on an event site with a last-minute delivery or popping in to offer a helping hand.

Originally from a tiny town in New Hampshire, Kristine received a BA in Theatre with a minor in Psychology from Plymouth State University before relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. She also completed 3 years of graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Capella University. She strongly believes that a deep understanding of personality types has helped her lead teams successfully.

Kristine currently resides in Ashland City, Tennessee with her husband and their cats. For fun, they study global culinary culture and throw parties to share recipes with friends.


  1. Phone: 615 501 5128
  2. Mobile: 615 975 9422
  3. Connect: Linkedin