Isaac Coppens

Human Resources Manager

Growing up in upstate New York, Isaac knew the cold weather wasn’t for him which led him to pursue A Business Administration Degree at Cumberland University in Sunny Lebanon Tennessee. Isaac Continued his education at Middle Tennessee State University where he received a Masters in Business Education.

Isaac wore many hats before joining CRE. After teaching business principals and best practices, he entered the corporate world where he worked as a payroll/HR Coordinator which set him up for success in the event/entertainment industry.

As an HR Manager with CRE, Isaac works closely with management to recruit and train candidates that share CRE’s passion of events and travel. Isaac also works as the payroll/benefits manager and is always available to lend an ear to coworkers when needed.


  1. Phone: 615 501 5117
  2. Mobile: 808 518 1211
  3. Connect: Linkedin