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Adapting and Changing the Way We Do Business – Creating the Event in a Box

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for businesses across the country.  Some of the worst hit are the entertainment, hospitality and food service industries.  All of which are categories Compass Rose Events falls under. There are capacity restrictions and social distancing guidelines in effect which currently prohibit large groups of people from assembling… Read more »

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Many American businesses are longing to move forward with their company events in order to thank or celebrate with their employees.  Perhaps because they have a history of doing so every year, perhaps because their teams have been on the frontline, working harder than ever or perhaps because being able to celebrate together will send… Read more »

Menu Planning for a Large Group

We all know, one of the most important factors of any event is the FOOD!   However, pleasing all your event guests, especially when dealing with a very large crowd, can be tricky.  Every guest has their own preferences and some have strong aversions to or even allergies to specific foods. Here are some things to… Read more »

COVID-19 Leads to Creative Uses for Our Event Equipment and Services

We are open and ready to support your needs in this unprecedented time.   Compass Rose Events is already hard at work with our customers in Manufacturing, Food Production, Public Utilities, Healthcare and more.   Our event and logistic equipment is being put to use to support facilities and teams as America returns to work in new,… Read more »

Engage ALL Age Groups when Planning your Event


From choosing a menu to planning things to do, being able to balance activities for all age groups is one of the facets that can make or brake your event. We have a few styles of events and ideas that might assist as you plan. The Family Day-Company Picnic This is the most popular style of… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Increase Attendance at Employee Appreciation Events

One topic that continually comes up when I meet with clients involves driving attendance and employee engagement at Employment Appreciation Events. Many times event planners tell me that they can’t seem to get more people to come out to their events. Because we’re all focused on budgets, they mistakenly feel that it takes more money… Read more »

Ten Themes to Try for your Corporate Event

Themed Event

Everyone loves a good themed event, and surprisingly it’s quite easy to work a special theme into your annual traditions – whether it’s an employee appreciation day, company picnic or holiday event. You can always customize the menu, prizes, trivia contests and décor to fit any event theme, but below we’ll outline some of the… Read more »

Let Compass Rose Plan Your Holiday Party

The holiday season is almost here, and planning the corporate party is at the top of your long to-do list. Your yearly celebration needs to live up to your level of expectations. Set the bar high with Compass Rose Events and give your colleagues and staff a party they will never forget. Compass Rose Events… Read more »

5 Ideas for Employee Only and Employee Appreciation Events

The ultimate goal of any employee appreciation event is to boost morale, encourage and strengthen relationships and increase motivation.  Here are 5 ways to make your employee only event a success: Team Building.  What better way to get to know your co-worker or boss than seeing them ride a giant trike or run a 3-legged… Read more »