COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Many American businesses are longing to move forward with their company events in order to thank or celebrate with their employees.  Perhaps because they have a history of doing so every year, perhaps because their teams have been on the frontline, working harder than ever or perhaps because being able to celebrate together will send a message of strength and resilience. 

For those companies that want to celebrate, but desire to find alternative options to traditional company picnics and large gatherings, we have got you covered.  Please click here to read our article about reimagining this year’s employee appreciation events and social distancing friendly alternatives to  company picnics.

For those of you wanting to proceed with your Company Picnics, Anniversary Celebrations or Family Days, we are ready to guide you through it.   At Compass Rose Events, our entire team has been hard at work for months determining the safest ways to be able to host your celebrations.  

Many items on this list are merely enhanced version of our event procedures already in place.  Some items on this list are options for you to choose from so that the celebration best meets the needs and expectations of your region, your facility and your company.  When you are ready to plan, our experienced Project Managers stand ready to create a custom proposal for your event and review all the health and safety standard procedures and available options with you in detail.

Click here to download Compass Rose Events’ COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

Its not to late to plan an event for this summer or fall, so contact us today to get started!