5 Ideas for Employee Only and Employee Appreciation Events

The ultimate goal of any employee appreciation event is to boost morale, encourage and strengthen relationships and increase motivation.  Here are 5 ways to make your employee only event a success:

Teambuilding 1Team Building.  What better way to get to know your co-worker or boss than seeing them ride a giant trike or run a 3-legged race?  We have introduced a team building concept called “The Gauntlet” that has become quite a hit! This consists of a series of not so serious activities that employee teams challenge one another in. Laughs are had, scores are kept, and in the end a winning team is announced and awarded a trophy. Ultimately, the goal is to have everybody walking away with a greater sense of teamwork and feeling like they know their work peers a little better.

PK ShootoutSports.  Almost everyone can relate to sports. Whether you’re in a top management position or an hourly employee, sports are one of those things that bring people of all walks of life together.  Incorporating inflatable sports games, sports trivia or a “tailgating” feel to your event has proved to be a timeless crowd pleaser.


CasinoCasino.  Your guests don’t have to be skilled gamblers to enjoy a casino themed event.  The dealers explain the games in the simplest of terms so everyone can partake in the excitement and thrill of a winning hand!



Midway-Ring-TossCarnival.  Encourage being young at heart.  Classic midway games, inflatables and cotton candy can be a great break from” the 9-5 grind”.  An after hours or mid-day employee carnival can be a much needed stress reliever.



tent-crowd-crop_2Food Only.  There is nothing wrong with showing appreciation with an employee lunch.  Whether it’s a basic hamburger and hot dog meal or something a little more formal, it’s a great way to say thanks!