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Top 5 Ways to Increase Attendance at Employee Appreciation Events

One topic that continually comes up when I meet with clients involves driving attendance and employee engagement at Employment Appreciation Events. Many times event planners tell me that they can’t seem to get more people to come out to their events. Because we’re all focused on budgets, they mistakenly feel that it takes more money… Read more »

5 Ideas for Employee Only and Employee Appreciation Events

The ultimate goal of any employee appreciation event is to boost morale, encourage and strengthen relationships and increase motivation.  Here are 5 ways to make your employee only event a success: Team Building.  What better way to get to know your co-worker or boss than seeing them ride a giant trike or run a 3-legged… Read more »

Inflatable Safety

We won’t try and tell you that we haven’t seen the horrific stories in the news regarding inflatable incidents.  Are inflatables dangerous?  With anything else in the world, yes if improperly maintained, set up or monitored.  Regardless of who you are getting your inflatables from, the following safety measures should always be addressed and followed…. Read more »