Eric Derevjanik

Eric was born and raised in southern Maine, before moving to New York in his early teens. After graduating, he joined the events world as an audio/video technician, working in the field for ten years. With an emphasis on white glove service and customer communications, he worked as a staffed technician for Fortune 500 companies…. Read more »

Ron Drews

Ron has been in the Recreation and Special-Event Planning Industry for over five years with a substantial background in Recreational Management. He enjoys the entirety of the event process from planning to facilitating events! As a Project Manager, Ron enjoys designing creative event plans that tailor towards a company’s specific wants and needs. Ron is… Read more »

Mackenzie Smith

Mackenzie’s passion for the event industry started in college when she spent most of her free time working production for music festivals and being an event and community outreach intern. She began with CRE in 2022 as an Event Manager and knew the role of Project Associate was the perfect fit for her to continue… Read more »

Isaac Coppens

Growing up in upstate New York, Isaac knew the cold weather wasn’t for him which led him to pursue A Business Administration Degree at Cumberland University in Sunny Lebanon Tennessee. Isaac Continued his education at Middle Tennessee State University where he received a Masters in Business Education. Isaac wore many hats before joining CRE. After… Read more »

Shelby Wheat

Shelby is a native of Bowling Green, KY, where her passion for event planning began as a child helping with her grandmother’s garden parties. With over 10 years of experience in event coordinating and management at local country clubs, Shelby was thrilled to become an Event Manager at CRE in 2020. The following year she… Read more »

Kristine Newman

Kristine joined our team in 2019 with a passion for leadership and inventory management. Coming from a fast-paced A/V production house, she was prepared to learn fast and work hard. She advocates for high standards of equipment, training processes and team building. Though her responsibilities usually keep her firmly planted in our Nashville warehouse, she… Read more »

Bradley Stocstill

With a career spanning 20 years in event management and hospitality, Bradley is a seasoned professional known for orchestrating remarkable events.  He brings a wealth of expertise and a meticulous eye for detail to every project. Having navigated various roles in event management, Bradley has mastered the art of seamless execution, from conceptualization to post-event… Read more »

Tee Pillow

An adept Event Coordinator and Columbia State Community College alum, Tee seamlessly blends skills honed in purchasing, retail management, and security. With a keen eye for detail, he brings a unique blend of organizational prowess and creative finesse to every project. Drawing from previous experience in purchasing and retail management, Tee excels in logistical coordination… Read more »

Scott Larson

Scott spearheads client services and sales for Compass Rose Events. With thirty-two years of industry experience, Scott knows large, corporate events better than anyone, serving the country’s most prominent corporate clients. Having begun his career with the nation’s largest provider of employee-relations events at the time, Scott has worked in all aspects of the business…. Read more »

Neal Jones

As the CFO for Compass Rose Events, Neal spearheads the finance and accounting team.  This includes overseeing day-to-day financial operations, internal and external reporting, budgeting and forecasting, as well as managing banking and creditor relations.  Neal brings extensive experience from large scale manufacturing, retail and various service industries. Neal holds an undergraduate degree from St…. Read more »