Celebrating Company Milestones

Milestone (noun): an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development

Themes 1We look forward to celebrating our birthdays, promotions, vacations and anniversaries; shouldn’t we extend that excitement to the workplace?  What’s better than employees getting excited to cut into that cake with the 75th Anniversary logo on it? Or to tell the kids that mom or dad has participated in one million safe man hours?  That’s a big number and it deserves a celebration!

Corporate events can be used as a way to celebrate the founders of the company, acknowledge reaching safety goals, reveal new products or celebrate a new building.  They give employees something to strive for and something to celebrate together.

Whether you go big with a private concert from a major touring act or host an onsite company picnic, it’s important to celebrate your past.  Try anniversary trivia games customized with questions about your company’s past or a version of Retail Recall that requires your employees to guess the price of your products way back in the day!  It’s fun for everyone especially retirees who get to come out and see how much the company has evolved over the years.

Celebrate your logo with branded items like temporary tattoos for the kids, water bottles, and other S.W.A.G.

You can also use this event as a way to celebrate what’s to come – recently designed a new product or company initiative?  Put it on display so employee’s families can see what mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa has been up to working those long hours at work!

Acknowledging your history and generating excitement for the future will keep your employees wanting to come back to work every day to be a part of the next ten, twenty, hundred years.

Is your company celebrating an important milestone this year?  Contact Compass Rose Events for a no obligation quote and ideas on how to make your event a success & one your employees will remember for many years to come!