Isaac Coppens

Growing up in upstate New York, Isaac knew the cold weather wasn’t for him which led him to pursue A Business Administration Degree at Cumberland University in Sunny Lebanon Tennessee. Isaac Continued his education at Middle Tennessee State University where he received a Masters in Business Education. Isaac wore many hats before joining CRE. After… Read more »

Sarah Koriath

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate event industry, Sarah has a thorough understanding of Compass Rose Events, and everything it takes behind the scenes to ensure successful events and happy clients. She assists throughout the company with employee relations, branding, standardization, creating efficiencies and improving the technology and tools used to manage… Read more »

Laura Duteau

Laura worked for a fortune 500 company in the electronics and computer field for 15 years with a focus on sales and marketing support, event planning and contract administration before finding her way to the corporate events world with Compass Rose Events. Laura has over 18 years of industry experience supporting CRE as The Nation’s… Read more »