Now that Spring is here, at Compass Rose Events, we are excited to see the return of live events on the horizon for the Summer and Fall of 2021, and employee appreciation has never been more important than it is right now! 

We have been welcoming back staff, ramping up our production capacity, refreshing inventories, popping up inflatables, cleaning tents, all in preparation for a memorable second half of the year.  To date, 70 different events have already been booked across 25 different states and every day we have been taking new meetings and watching the calendar fill up.  It is a fantastic feeling to be busy again!  We truly cannot wait to get out in the sun and start grilling and having a great time with our customers and guests.

While getting ready to celebrate together, the pandemic has been at the top of mind every step of the way.  We have established a detailed list of COVID Safety Protocols that have been put into place that make us confident we will be able to keep your guests and our staff safe and healthy at every event.  In addition to these precautions, we have also adopted a mandatory vaccination policy for all our event management staff to safeguard the health of our employees, customers, event staff and event guests from COVID-19.  As a final step, we have also introduced ProtectWell™, a symptom-screening app that our employees will utilize each day before entering Compass Rose Facilities or Event Sites.

We understand that each state we operate in has different protocols that are constantly evolving, and we are staying on top of all the latest CDC recommendations.  If there are still gathering restrictions as we get closer to your preferred event date, CRE offers a flexible postponement policy that allows any customer to reschedule their event all the way through the 2022 calendar year, if needed.

For those that are concerned about hosting live events this year, CRE can provide Alternative Options such as Movie Nights, Event in A Box, Catered Meals or Virtual Entertainment.  Our Event in A Box is a great alternative that is designed to bring families together and create memories that a traditional event would have done.  We can work together to select the entertainment, snacks, and activities that your employees will enjoy the most and even include a letter from the President or CEO.  We have the capability to deliver them to your office for distribution, or ship directly to your employee’s homes. 

No matter which style of event you choose, at Compass Rose Events, we pride ourselves on putting 100% of our focus on our customers throughout the planning process and reinforcing and promoting your company culture and brand. Through great event design and implementation, your employees will build strong bonds and great memories that are an essential part of any company’s continued success!

If you would like to explore an in-person event or an alternative option for 2021, our Project Managers are looking forward to scheduling a call with your group to kick off the planning process. Through our years of experience, we will be able to recommend the best mix of activities and catering that will appeal to all your guests and support you with a customized event proposal to make the planning feel like a breeze.  Our calendar is filling up quickly for this Fall Season, so we recommend starting conversations sooner rather than later if you are targeting that time of year.

Thanks so much and we look forward to supporting you with your upcoming event needs!

Contact us about your event today!