Why It’s Important to Celebrate Employee Achievements

There are many reasons employees quit their jobs. Perhaps they don’t like their current supervisor and want to become their own boss. Others don’t feel fulfilled or empowered by what they do at their job, while many don’t enjoy the office politics.

The top reason might surprise you, however. According to a recent study by Accenture, the number-one reason employees quit is lack of recognition. Too many companies don’t recognize or appreciate their top achievers, or understand the importance of celebrating company milestones.

Honoring achievement within a company offers many benefits, both internal and external. It promotes and rewards excellence while celebrating the company’s culture. When employees have an opportunity to bond with their peers and supervisors it builds cohesive teams. An event creates an opportunity for positive media coverage about the company and gives partners and investors a chance to get an inside look at your organization.

Honoring high achieving employees boosts morale, promotes loyalty and encourages all employees to excel.

Celebrating company milestones helps the team bond and gives employees a feeling of ownership. It’s very motivating for employees to meet goals when there is a reward or celebration in sight. The benefits of celebrating company milestones are priceless, yet it can be a big undertaking to plan an event. Whether it’s for a small department or company wide, it can be time consuming.

So where do you start when putting a company milestone event together? You leave it to the experts at Compass Rose Events. It takes a lot of planning and attention to detail to make an amazing event happen and Compass Rose Events takes care of everything. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re celebrating a milestone, honoring employee achievement or having a company picnic, Compass Rose Events can take care of the details. We will cover the logistics, catering and entertainment for your event, and you can customize the event to fit your company’s needs. The benefits that your company and employees receive from a fun celebration together make an event worth it.