Eric Derevjanik

Project Associate

Eric was born and raised in southern Maine, before moving to New York in his early teens. After graduating, he joined the events world as an audio/video technician, working in the field for ten years. With an emphasis on white glove service and customer communications, he worked as a staffed technician for Fortune 500 companies.

After joining Compass Rose Events as an Event Manager in 2022, Eric was fascinated by the process of putting the events together from start to finish, and the interactions between clients and production, and has moved into the role of Project Associate. He lives in Nashville with his older brother, Sean, and near his parents. Eric is a tech enthusiast, who enjoys exploring digital landscapes and the new futures in the tech horizon.


  1. Phone: 615 501 5111
  2. Mobile: 207 251 6224
  3. Connect: Linkedin