Streamlining Your Next High End Holiday Party

There are a lot of things to consider when you start to plan for your yearly Holiday Party and it can feel overwhelming once you get started. Every small detail can make the difference between a successful event that your associates will be talking about for years to come and one that you can’t wait to forget. Often times, you will need the assistance from MANY different organizations to build the perfect event from the ground up, from the decorations, to the catering, to the entertainment, to the tables & chairs, to the linens, to the lighting, to the parking, to the drinks…… you get the point!

It is highly recommended that you contact a Professional Event Company or Consultant such as Compass Rose Events when you start thinking about your next celebration so they can relieve the entire burden of the workload associated with the event and make sure that you look like the all-star when the big day comes! Here are just a few of the benefits and immediate returns you can receive:

Project Management

A great Project Manager can streamline the entire process from first meeting through production. They will be able to capture your vision for the event and ensure that that vision comes to life throughout the entire evening. When working with multiple vendors, a lot of small details can slip through the cracks, but with one person at the helm with a seasoned team beneath them, you can rest easy knowing that you can deal with just one person throughout the process.

Venue Selection


If holding the event on-site is not an option, finding a spot to hold your celebration is usually the first hurdle to overcome. There are a lot of factors to consider when making your selection, such as location, space requirements, parking capacity, and budgets. Our Project Managers each have access to our Site Research Department that can prepare a full matrix of all available options including available dates, pricing and requirements ready for the first meetings so we can cross this big MUST off the agenda right away so we can get started on the small details!

Custom Themes


You have the option to have everything at your event flow through one singular concept down to the menu selections, color schemes, lighting effects, signature drink options even influence what the event staff wears at your event! Whether you are looking for an event in traditional Holiday or Winter Colors, or, want to try something new like Fire & Ice, Cheers or Kaleidoscope, your Project Manager will be instrumental in guiding you through the theme selection process!

Lighting, Decor, and Set Design

holidayA good décor program can give you that WOW factor and set the stage for a wonderful event! Once the venue and theme has been selected, our custom prop & set design artists can begin the process of transforming the space into something really special! This is where you are able to really see our creativity when we share concepts, lighting effects, audio/visual support, dance floors, pipe & drape, carpeting and lounge area options…. The sky is really the limit!

Catering and Bar Options


Having a dedicated head chef that will been involved in the process from the very beginning can ensure that we are designing a menu that has delicious options available for all of your guests. Whether you prefer buffet service, passed hor’devours or a seated and served meal, your project manager can review all of your options and even incorporate your theme into our selections. Also, with our access to licensed bartenders, this allows us to create a beverage menu for the evening which could even raise the bar from the typical beer and wine options.

Entertainment Solutions


Every group is diverse and truly understanding the age ranges and interests of your guests will allow us to design the perfect entertainment for the evening! It is important to incorporate activities that provide sufficient throughout and ensure that all of your guests have a great time! Whether you are looking for live music, variety shows, pub style games, commemorative photo opportunities, or, something more outside the box, we have you covered!

Logistics Coordination


These are the small details that are sometimes overlooked, but when done professionally, they will raise your event to the next level! We are referring to how we first welcome your guests as they arrive, parking assistance, shuttle options, coat checks, bussing tables, trash management, power requirements and restrooms to name a few. Our Project Managers will make sure that you are completely covered.

Many companies already do some form of holiday party internally, but by utilizing a professional event production company, you can completely remove the work associated with the event and make a memorable night for all of your associates! You can rest easy knowing that every detail will be professionally covered and we will make sure that you are the talk of the company come Monday morning!