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Choosing the Right Vendors for your Company Event

By: Patricia Ernst Lucky you! Your name was drawn and this year you have been labeled the “Party Planner.” Choosing the right vendor or vendors can be a painstaking and burdensome task when planning a large corporate event such as a Company Picnic or Family Fun Day. Decisions, Decisions! You are now the quarterback and… Read more »

Let Compass Rose Plan Your Holiday Party

The holiday season is almost here, and planning the corporate party is at the top of your long to-do list. Your yearly celebration needs to live up to your level of expectations. Set the bar high with Compass Rose Events and give your colleagues and staff a party they will never forget. Compass Rose Events… Read more »

Inflatable Safety

We won’t try and tell you that we haven’t seen the horrific stories in the news regarding inflatable incidents.  Are inflatables dangerous?  With anything else in the world, yes if improperly maintained, set up or monitored.  Regardless of who you are getting your inflatables from, the following safety measures should always be addressed and followed…. Read more »