Return on investments

Evaluating Return on Investment for Corporate Events

One of the most important things in business is getting a good return on investments. It is easy to monitor the bottom line and see how profitable you are as a company, but getting a return from your employees and colleagues is just as critical. One of the most cost effective ways to show your employees just how much you appreciate them is by holding a private company event. Here are just a few of the benefits and immediate returns you receive:

Promote Interaction – Often times, different departments in a company never get the chance to interact with each other. Not only can you give them an opportunity to meet, but you can also create an environment where they are now on a corn hole tournament team together, working towards a common goal while their kids play together for a day.

Relationship Building – Team building is huge for companies in today’s day and age. Colleagues who can function well as a unit always produce better results together than a individuals working independently. Getting the different departments together in teams to compete in Gauntlet Challenges or Tug of War is a great way to get the group together and working towards a common goal. And it never hurts to award a trophy and bragging rights until the next year!

Benefits Corporate Culture – Branding is important and your company’s mission statement, logo and culture of success is something that should be celebrated. With a customized private event for your employees, you can reject a cookie-cutter type of event and design everything from how your guests are first welcomed to announcements throughout the day and company colors can be proudly displayed throughout the site.

Lower Absenteeism – Simply put, give them a reason to love coming to work!

Strengthen Morale – People love to be told when they are doing a great job! There is no better way to show your employees how much they are appreciated, than having a day devoted to them!

Lower Turnover/Increase Retention – In today’s competitive job market, quality, hard-working employees are hard to come by. Once you get them it is hard to keep them with so many other attractive options. By celebrating and rewarding your employees you can help make your organization even more desirable for the best and the brightest in your industry.

Positive Memories at Work – People like to work where they have fun. Like the old saying goes, when you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life!

Many companies already hold some form of company picnic whether it be a company sponsored baseball game or simple after-hours gathering. When considering HOW you reward your employees, it is always crucial to evaluate your return on that investment and make sure that you are able to maximize every dollar spent. Most often, going to a theme park, baseball game, or giving an employee gift produce the lowest ROI. However, bringing your employees together in a private setting is the #1 way to reward your employees and to ensure that you show your employees how much you appreciate them every year!