6 Simple Ideas for Thanking Essential Workers

As America slowly begins the process of reopening, many of us are asking, how can I thank the essential workers who remained out in public, exposing themselves and their families to risk of contracting the coronavirus, so that others could buy groceries and necessities, collect mail and packages, or receive medical care?

Here are six  simple ideas for how you can express your gratitude while staying safe: 

Say Thank You.  It may sound simple, but when you are making essential trips outside of the home, such as to the grocery store or pharmacy, say thank you to essential workers. Notice their efforts, be kind and express gratitude for their sacrifices and the work they are doing. 

Make Signs to Display.  Use any supplies you have at home or around the office such as paper, pencils or markers to create a sign that expresses thanks for essential workers. Tape your signs to the window of your home, your office front lawn or parking area, or your car window.  This is a great way to get your entire family involved!

Support their Families. Show your support by assisting the families of frontline workers. If you are able, consider cooking a meal for a family of an essential worker so they have less to worry about, pick up groceries when you make your own trip to the grocery store, order a meal from a local restaurant to be delivered to their house or call, text or email to see if they need anything.

Tip Generously If You Can. The risk factor associated with many jobs increased during this uncertain time.  Most workers are not receiving hazard pay, and those who are may still not being paid a wage that reflects the heightened risk or current environment.  In addition to expressing your thanks to delivery drivers, grocery store cashiers, mail carriers, and other essential workers, tip them well if you can. 

Shop Local and Give Giftcards.  Support your local community by buying Giftcards to salons, stores, entertainment venues and restaurants in your community.  Consider gifting these to essential workers as a special treat and something to look forward to later in the year.

Adhere to the Guidelines. Whatever the current guidelines are in your area, be sure to adhere to them.  Staying healthy is the best way to keep others healthy, including essential workers who are out working for us everyday.

At Compass Rose Events, we have the unique privilege of producing hundreds of employee appreciation events for America’s premier businesses and their hardworking, dedicated teams every year.   Please join us now in thanking our frontline and essential workers for everything they have been and continue to do for our communities.