Entertainment and Activities

Fun for All - Rock WallOnce you’ve chosen the type of event you want, it’s time to start thinking about the type of fun you want your guests to have. Do you want everyone gathered together to watch a live concert, or do you want everyone up on stage singing karaoke? Do you want guests competing for big prizes or for bragging rights? Making crafts or riding carnival rides? Scaling a climbing wall or doing a bungee jump?

At Compass Rose Events, our experienced event design team can help you create the perfectly tailored mix of featured events, active & passive entertainment, group & individual activities and games & challenges to thrill your audience and meet your goals. We’ll create a customized event map with carefully considered logistics to optimize traffic flow, keep lines short & interest high and secure the safest and most reliable people to run your attractions.

Compass Rose Events creates unforgettable, can’t-miss events and activities for:

  • KIDS
    From bouncy houses to crafts projects to magic shows, we specialize in coaxing wide eyes and even wider smiles from the little ones.
    Teens are the least likely age group to attend a large-scale corporate event and the toughest age group to please when they arrive. We know all the latest games and entertainment teens are looking for and the must-have prizes they’ll be eager to win.
    Adults are the broadest and most diverse group at most large-scale corporate events. From young, single guests to married retirees, this wide age range can require a wide range of choices. From BINGO to blackjack and everything in-between, we’ve got you covered.
    What will your event’s “wow” factor be? All ages activities should draw crowds, oohs and ahhhs from everyone. From fireworks displays to hot air balloon rides, the sky’s the limit.

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