Catering & Concessions

iStock_000009498407Medium cornChances are the best meal you’ve ever had was enjoyed in a small restaurant or someone’s home. If you think good meals can only come from cozy, carefully controlled environments, Compass Rose Events will change your mind. Creating appetizing and delicious refreshments for large crowds outdoors or in unconventional venues is a really big challenge … and one we thrive on. No one else does it better or with more care.

We know good food is the key to a great company event. If catering and concessions don’t meet your guests’ expectations, the whole event falls short. Our experienced catering and concessions experts know how to fill the air with delicious smells, fill buffet lines and drink stations quickly and efficiently and fill bellies with wonderful snacks and meals. Even the biggest crowds leave savoring one of the best meals they’ve ever had.

Our catering and concessions has three important ingredients:

    No matter what type of event you choose, Compass Rose Events will customize a menu to your taste. We look at your guest list, scheduled activities, event site and budget, and talk to you about the food you love and the atmosphere you want to create. We can incorporate regional specialties, like southern BBQ or Tex-Mex or create an entire themed food experience like a luau, harvest festival, traditional picnic or lobster bake. We know how to accommodate today’s wide range of food preferences and restrictions, offering vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher dishes upon request. We taste test all of our recipes, source local ingredients whenever possible and know how to creatively incorporate your branding or products into the food service at your corporate event.
    At Compass Rose Events, all food is prepared on-site under the supervision of professional, experienced ServSafe-certified chefs. You can smell, see and taste the difference. After all, traditional picnic favorites like Angus beef burgers or BBQ chickens have an extra savor when they’re grilled on-site, served hot and presented with a smile! Whether we are setting up indoors or out, the highest quality ingredients are always delivered fresh and kept that way, even in the most challenging conditions. Every prep station is consistently monitored for quality, safety and eye appeal.
    For most large events, our event design team usually recommends unlimited, buffet-style food service supplemented by concessions throughout your entire event. When guests can choose when they want to dine, there’s no rush on serving stations, long lines or traffic congestion. We know how to optimize staff, serving stations and menu offerings to create the best flow and keep bellies full. And while exceptional food service for large crowds is our signature, we bring the same level of experience and expertise to custom catering for smaller parties.

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