John Kohlburn

Training and Recruiting Manager

John joined Compass Rose Events in January of 2012, as the Training and Safety Coordinator. He brings with him an extensive career spanning twenty-five years in education and training. Coming from the University of South Florida, where he served as a Director of Professional Development, he brings expertise in delivering quality training solutions for industry and non-profit organizations. John currently serves as the Training and Recruitment Manager, where he designs, develops and maintains the recruitment process, as well as identifying and assessing future and current training needs through job analysis, and career paths of CRE employees. John knows the importance of safety and happy employees, so training manuals, new hire orientation and recruiting new employees to join the team are a major focus in his day to day efforts.   

John’s credentials include a degree in education from Southern Illinois University, experience training on processes, methodologies and safety, as well as a list of speaking engagements explaining innovative training techniques.  John is an accomplished visual artist. He spends most of his spare time with his husband, David, exploring Nashville and the local farmer’s market or in the studio painting.


  1. Phone: 615 501 5111
  2. Mobile: 727 422 8492
  3. Fax: 615 501 9110
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