Professional Event Design

Compass Rose Events designs and delivers hundreds of safe and successful turnkey corporate events all across the country every year. Millions of people have attended a company picnic, open house, employee appreciation event, company milestone celebration, holiday party, marketing event or team building event we created for our clients. And when you choose Compass Rose Events, all this highly skilled experience and expertise is focused on your event — and available free of charge.

That’s right, there are no additional charges for our tailored event design services. We know a customized event design is essential to your event’s success. We may specialize in large-scale events, but we know there are no “one size fits all” solutions. We invest our time in getting to know you, your goals and your company culture so we can be sure your corporate event meets your company’s objectives.

    Your project manager works closely with your internal team to design your corporate event. We travel to your location, meet with your key decision makers, tour potential event sites and host an onsite planning meeting when your venue is selected. After an in-depth discussion of everything from the type of event you want to the catering and concessions to entertainment and logistics you expect, your project manager translates your event design into a proposal with an event layout diagram to make sure everyone is on board and stays on the same page. As your main point of contact and one of your most valuable resources, you can rely on your project manager to be there whenever they’re needed with smart advice, effective solutions and incredible customer service.
    You and your project manager have developed an event design you’re proud of. Your on-site event managers are charged with executing that event design flawlessly. Event managers are the first to arrive at your event site and the last to leave. Event managers test critical equipment, manage staff and vendors, monitor crowd flow, ensure safety and troubleshoot any problems that arise during the course of your event. Your event management team also includes ServSafe-certified chefs directing every aspect of food preparation and service. You can rely on your event management team for professional, responsive service and unparalleled expertise.
    From your first phone call to Compass Rose Events, an entire operations team is working on realizing all the elements of your customized event design. We work closely and constantly to minimize risk, acquire the very best equipment and much more. We also inspect and maintain the largest inventory of entertainment and catering resources in the country, which is always at your disposal. You can rely on your operations team to anticipate and solve problems and protect your investment at every step of the way.

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